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Company Name New Tac Kasei Co., Ltd.
Head Office 4148 Kamitakano Toyonaka-cho, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa 769-1504, JAPAN
Established May 15, 2009
Capital 310 million yen
Major Shareholder Oji Functional Materials Progressing Center Inc. (100%)
Company History May 15, 2009

Established New Tac Kasei Co., Ltd as a wholly owned subsidiary of Oji Holdings Corporation.


Sept, 1, 2009

Launch and Produce after transferring all business from Tac Kasei Co., Ltd,
Tac Co., Ltd and Tac Kakou Co.,Ltd.

Major Business
Paper Division Manufacturing and Sales of Paper label, Base label of Film label(Roll & Flat) Adhesive Product, Speciality Paper.
Processed Division Manufacturing and Sales of OA label, tie-on label, tac form, and tag paper, etc.
Medical Division Manufacturing and Sales of Adhesive products: Dressings, Bandages and Fixation sheets, Gel products: Facial mask sheet, Cooling Sheets, etc.
Functional Material Division Manufacturing and Sales of FPD associated member such as Non career film, Transfer film, Hard Coat Film, etc.

Medical Division Contents

Cooling Sheets

For reducing fever or refreshing

Gel sheets are easy to use as an aid for reducing fever or cooling down.

  • Constant cooling effect is obtained by the moisture contained in the gel that absorbs and releases heat.
  • Cooling effect of hydrogel lasts up to 10 hours. The gel sheet can provide coolness during nighttime sleep.
  • Gentle to skin by using hydrophilic macromolecule.
  • Weakly acidic and hypoallergenic.


Hydrocolloid that increases the skin’s natural healing power.

For protection of wounds, scrapes and minor burns, Hydrocolloid dressing creates a moist environment
for wound healing.


Dressings which include wound covering materials and protection materials, are widely used in hospitals and at home. Our company provides 4 kinds of dressings and sterile pads, packaged individually, sterilized with EOG and ready for shipping to market.

Sheet Masks・Eye Patches

Sheet Masks (Cosmetics & Quasi-drugs) are skin care products containing beauty components in hydrogel sheets. Custom design is available in desired shape to fit face or under eye area.
These gel cosmetics can hydrate skin and improve skin texture as appealing special skin care products.

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Corporate Guidance & Union Catalog【PDF】

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